Trusted Electrician in Saint Louis, MO

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Trusted Electrician in Saint Louis, MO

Although DIY projects are all the rage these days, troubles with your electrical system should be assessed by a professional electrical contractor to avoid further damage and harmful injuries.

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Our electrical service and repairs have greatly helped a lot of our customers throughout Kirkwood, Wildwood, Chesterfield, and Ballwin MO because we have provided them with homes that have the best and safest electrical system they could ever ask for. We have had extensive experiences and trainings that will assure you that we only offer state-of-the-art electrical repair and services while utilizing conventional products and equipment to successfully install wires and electrical systems in your home, whether it be residential or commercial.


We are a team of local EPA-certified electricians, therefore making us the most reliable electrician throughout Kirkwood, Wildwood, Chesterfield, and Ballwin MO. For over 30 years of experience in the electrical service industry, we always make sure that you are guided and protected every step of the way so we could further avoid the possible damages and harmful injuries electrical system complications may cost you. As the most reliable electrician, not only do we value the quality of our services that we offer, but we also value the time that we spend to get to know you, our customers, as we aim to create lasting relationships that will make your experience with our team enjoyable and stress-free at the same time. Moreover, we’re OSHA-certified; our practices follow and meet the standards of the National Electric Code (NEC). With this, you will always receive quality workmanship when you give your 100% trust in our experienced team. 


We want our customers to know that we always value on-time performance and accelerated delivery methods most especially when it comes to our electrical repair and services executed throughout Kirkwood, Wildwood, Chesterfield, and Ballwin MO. We continuously aim to exceed your expectations by providing remarkable electrical service options with our leading-edge tools and equipment. You, our customers, are our top priority; we ensure you that our team of reliable electrician contractors are always well-equipped and knowledgeable with the most effective and efficient methods that will provide you with the finest electrical service in town. 


Not only do we give our best in our electrical repair and services projects, but we also give genuine care and help to those who need the most help in our community. We believe in giving back, that’s why we donate our time, energy, and money to a number of local charities like Annie’s Hope, Rebuilding Together St. Louis, and the St. Louis Children’s Choir—all of which deserve the help they need to build their organization to help more people as well.

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As a family owned and operated electrical service contractor throughout St. Louis, Ballwin, and Willwood MO, we make sure that all electrical maintenance service projects are handled with care by our designated residential or commercial electrician by properly troubleshooting and solving all kinds of electrical service problems in a prompt manner.